Every woman needs simple & sophisticated looks to be prepared for any situation. The little wrap dress does the job.
— Petra O.

Born in the heart of Europe, Austria, and of travel-loving parents Petra O. grew up experiencing the European sense of fashion from an early age. Italian, French and English fashions have always been amongst her favorites and Petra O. recognized an universal message - the 3 C's -  in all women's styles:

Confidence, Class & Comfort. 

While featuring her fashions during  Fashion Week San Diego and on runways in Los Angeles and San Francisco Petra O. has always loved working with the little black wrap dress and its effortlessness. Petra O.'s designs capture the  perfect look, perfect comfort and come with the perfect easy-care washing instructions. It's true empowerment and freedom for women!

Following her passion, Petra O. has followed her path from haute couture Florence to Ready-To-Wear Southern California and has now a studio in modern San Francisco. 

Please enjoy our selection of Petra O. Wrap Dresses 



Playing with the little black dress throughout the years. 

Previous fashion shows and designs by Petra O.  

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